Our Best Selling Parquet Floors

Our parquet flooring is also available in all of the colours on our Wooden Floors page.

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Pale Oak Herringbone Parquet
Sawn Sable Herringbone Parquet
Versaillles Panels
Solid Oak Parquet Blocks
Solid Iroko Parquet Blocks
Solid Walnut Parquet Blocks

Parquet wood flooring

A design or laying pattern, it is available in both solid and engineered options. This will give you an intricate and attractive pattern, bringing your space a look that is stylish and unique. Made from solid blocks, these form a strong basis for flooring and can be installed on top of under floor heating as they absorb and lose far less moisture due to their brick construction. The bricks are laid in a pattern so that they do not all expand and contract in the same direction, depending on moisture concentration. This means that any gaps through contraction and expansion are far less visible. However, if you are looking to choose a Parquet flooring system, it is important to remember that they are often in unfinished material and will require a thorough installation process. They need to be installed, sanded, sealed and finished before the process is completed. The intricacy of the work required also means that the job must be completed by a professional, as the finish required is beyond the skill of most layman installers.