Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus in a Custom Made Rhombille Design  

The client chose our Custom Made Rhombille design to be finished in the Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus, with a 125mm wide border going around. The Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus is a very calm and neutral colour which is easy to match with any interior, as you can see the client has matched the flooring with yellow shade walls and white skirting, which was the perfect fit.

The Custom Made Rhombille pattern is a perfect statement piece if you are looking for a flooring that will stand out and be the main feature of the room.

Well done to Istoria Wood Floors Installation Team for another wonderful job!

Project: Residential

Installation: Istoria Wood Floors Installation Team

Floor: Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus

Specification: Custom Made Rhombille, 15/4mm Character Grade