Bespoke wood flooring

Choose your colour from our extensive library of bespoke colours. All of our flooring is bespoke and made to order, so all the colours are available on all boards, including different sizes, widths and grades.

Choose your wood flooring colour

Any colour, any pattern

Choose your colour from our extensive library of bespoke colours or bring in a colour for us to match. All colours are available on all boards—including sizes, widths and grades.

Patterns are available for any colour

Any pattern, any colour

Choose from either our standard planks or patterned designs. Patterns are more intricate and take longer to install, but they make more of statement and will be a key feature of any room.




Mansion weave

Hex weave




Exquisite options for every taste

At Jordan Andrews, we take pride in not only offering a range of leading manufacturers’ products but also presenting our own brand of wood flooring, Istoria. By doing so, we guarantee that each of our customers receives flooring that is not only approved by us but is also our responsibility. We meticulously select each flooring option for its unique and exceptional properties, ensuring a range that caters to every use.


A thoughtfully-curated selection

Our wood flooring collection is the result of our knowledge and experience in the industry.

We have carefully assembled a range that provides our customers with the options they truly desire. Divided into several different collections—classic, premium, vintage, premium wide board, and bespoke—each option within Istoria bears unique qualities, including different grades, colour variations, and textures.

This allows you to find the perfect combination that fulfils all your flooring needs.

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Our commitment to sustainability: FSC® Certification

At Jordan Andrews, we not only strive to meet our own high standards but also hold Forest Stewardship Council® certification and offer products with FSC certification. This means that the chain of custody of these products has been audited to ensure they originate from responsibly managed sources. When you choose our FSC-certified flooring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your floor comes from well-managed forests and that you are making a responsible and aesthetically pleasing choice.


Responsible and sustainable sourcing

We’re committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our Istoria wood flooring holds FSC® certification, ensuring that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. By choosing Istoria, you can enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your floor while supporting responsible forestry practices and environmental stewardship.

For more information about FSC certification and its benefits, visit the FSC UK website provided by the Forestry Commission.


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Precision-engineered style

One of the main advantages of engineered wood flooring is its enhanced dimensional stability. Due to its layered construction, it is less prone to warping, cupping, or buckling, making it suitable for areas with fluctuating moisture levels like basements or bathrooms. Additionally, engineered wood flooring can be installed directly over concrete slabs or radiant heating systems, which may not be suitable for solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring offers a wide range of wood species, finishes, and styles, providing flexibility in terms of design options. It can be sanded and refinished multiple times, but the number of times may vary depending on the thickness of the wear layer.

Overall, engineered wood flooring combines the natural beauty of hardwood with enhanced stability and versatility, making it a popular choice for homeowners and commercial spaces alike.

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