Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked in 220mm wide board for 78 cow cross street by stoneforce  

Stoneforce chose our Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked in 220mm wide Character Grade boards to be laid accross this beautiful showroom which is currently occupied by Fritz Hansen. Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. (

The Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked was the perfect choice for this project as a colour that will have a little more colour variation within was desired. The boards absorbed different amounts of colour during the smoking process and therefore ranged from natural oak to much darker tones, which provided a wonderful result when blended together on the floorspace. In the wider 220mm plank the flooring was paired with white walls through out making the room feel spacious and modern aesthetic.

Thank you to Stoneforce, Fritz Hansen, DAO Estates and MWAI for sharing this project with us.

Project: Link House, 78 Cow Cross Street

Developer: DAO Estates

Contractor: Stoneforce (the flooring was installed by Stoneforce)


Floor: Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked

Specification: Character Grade, 15/4mm x 220mm x 2200mm