When designer Tania Urban and her husband Matthew decided to remodel their kitchen, they knew the outcome needed to reflect their eclectic style. ‘It was really important for me to achieve an effortless blend of old and new,’ explains Tania. ‘There are lots of features in the building, but this is my style. I like to collect mannequins, typewriters, furniture and sewing machines.’

With such a personal project and her own passion for interiors, Tania took on the design herself. ‘I didn’t want a really modern kitchen that was all sleek white,’ says Tania. ‘This wouldn’t have worked in this house. I wanted to create something that was more ‘me’.’

The flooring solution was inspired by a visit to a restaurant in Paris, combined with our Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked. ‘I loved how the tiling in this restaurant separated the bar with the eating space. But I decided to cut the hexagonal shaped tiles into the parquet floor to avoid a straight line.’

The result is a renovated space which has changed the atmosphere of the entire house, says Tania. ‘The light here is so different now, transforming the feeling of the room. Everyone wants to sit and be here now, it’s like a magnet for us to congregate as a family.’

Project: Residential

Designer: Tania Urban

Floor: Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked

Specification: Prime Grade 10mm x 90mm x 450mm

Photos: Malcolm Menzies