Istoria Bespoke clear matt smoked oak in herringbone 

The colour that was chosen by our clients was Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked. The Bespoke finish was perfect for them as the colour had plenty of tones to be shown off in our Istoria Herringbone pattern.

Each and individual herringbone planks absorbed different amounts of colour during the smoking process and therefore had a wide range from natural oak to much darker tones, which looks wonderful once it’s blended all together.

Our Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked flooring looks wonderful with the modern interior that was achieved by the client. It shows how versatile the colour is and how it will go not only with the plain colours but bright colours too.

Project: Residential

Floor: Istoria Bespoke Clear Matt Smoked

Specification: Select Herringbone 15/4mm x 120mm x 600mm