Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus in Herringbone Pattern by Pam PropertY

For this beautiful residential property in Acton, Pam Property chose the Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus in Herringbone Select Grade 15/4mm x 120mm x 600mm to be laid across the property.

With so much natural light coming in freely, you can really see the variation of shades within each and individual plank of the herringbone.  The Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus is a neutral colour which is easy to match with any type of interior. It can be matched with dark colours, natural colours, and bright statement pieces too.


Thank you, Pam Property, for sharing the final result of this stunning project with us!

Project: Residential (Acton)

Developer: Pam Property (with thanks for the photographs)

Floor: Istoria Bespoke Hibiscus

Specification: Select Grade Herringbone, 15/4mm x 120mm x 600mm