We were brought in to supply the flooring for a significant historic conversion project, which includes 18 apartments and 3 luxurious penthouses. Originally an office block, this period property has been meticulously transformed, while preserving the stunning 1920s windows that overlook the Strand.

For this project, we created a bespoke colour named ‘Southampton‘ specifically designed to complement the building’s unique character. This custom shade was used in both plank and chevron patterns throughout the property, offering a cohesive yet distinctive look for each apartment. The combination of plank and chevron patterns adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, making the flooring not only beautiful but also comfortable underfoot.

The chevron design showcases a fascinating play of tones. Depending on the angle and lighting, the flooring can appear either light or dark, adding depth and visual interest to the rooms. This dynamic effect enhances the aesthetic appeal of the interiors, making each space feel both contemporary and timeless.

Istoria Bespoke Southampton flooring has played a crucial role in transforming this historic office block into a series of elegant, modern apartments and penthouses. The careful balance of preserving historical elements while introducing contemporary design ensures that the property stands out as a prime example of successful historic conversion.

Project: Residential

Construction: Solmaz Ltd

Developer: Stonehaven Group

Floor: Istoria Bespoke Southampton