(All colour variations)

The Istoria St. Pauls is available in an array of tones from very light that looks like almost raw, unfinished timber to much darker, almost deeply smoked tones. The client in this case chose to go with all variations from light to dark, which when laid resulted in this stunning installation. This colour and pattern combination looks very authentic, almost like it was the homes original flooring.

Istoria Bespoke St. Pauls has neutral colour tones that gives it a very “real wood” look that can be easily be dressed up and contrasted with most other colours. In this case you can see how well it goes with the light grey kitchen cupboards.

Project: Residential

Floor: Istoria Bespoke St. Pauls (all colour variations)

Specification: Prime Grade Herringbone

Istoria Bespoke St. Pauls engineered oak flooring.