Wooden floors from the Istoria collection come with a 25-year guarantee from the date of purchase subject to the terms and conditions below:

We provide a guarantee with regard to defects and/or shortcomings that were already present when delivery took place but that were not visible to the naked eye.

  • We provide a guarantee with regard to normal use in residential properties and with regard to contract work such as offices, hotel rooms and boutiques. Humid or wet rooms are expressly excluded from this guarantee.
  • We provide a guarantee if the floor has been installed in accordance with the Istoria installation instructions and maintained using the Istoria recommended maintenance products.


  • The guarantee will apply if a complaint has been reported to the Istoria sales point where the floor was purchased within 30 days after the issue of the complaint has been discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. Please report complaints in writing and include the original invoice.
  • Should it be deemed that the guarantee applies, either the faulty floor section will be replaced only or the faulty floor sections will be reimbursed only in accordance with the provisions made in this guarantee certificate.
  • Should the relevant wooden floor from the Istoria collection no longer be available, an equivalent alternative will be provided.
  • This guarantee only relates to the supplied floor sections and, therefore, not to labour costs, additional materials and any other consequential damage that may ensue.
  • The guarantee period will remain in force unchanged in case of acceptance and resolving the complaint and will never be extended.
  • Should a dispute arise related to the guarantee of your Istoria floor, either party may appeal to an independent expert who will issue a binding decision, with the provision that consumers who do not act in a professional or commercial capacity are entitled to bring this dispute to a normal court within one month of the invocation of this stipulation.
  • Should this clause be applied, the costs must be agreed upon in advance in writing between the parties.

This guarantee is an addition and not an exclusion of the statutory rights held by the consumer who does not act in a professional or commercial capacity.


  • If the floor has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • If the defects could already be seen before the floor panel was installed.
  • If the defects and/or shortcomings occurred due to moisture and/or water damage and/or other causes that cannot be attributed to us as the manufacturer/supplier of the floor.
  • If the defects and/or shortcomings occurred due to incorrect use or negligent acting and when used for another objective than that for which it is intended, as well as if maintenance instructions or warnings have been ignored.
  • If there are visual shortcomings that occurred due to deformation of the boards due to changing climate conditions, in case of colour differences due to the influence of sunlight and the consequences of normal aging and/or wear phenomena of the finishing layer.
  • If the relative humidity at floor level has been below 40% or above 65% during installation or afterwards. When installing an Istoria floor in combination with under floor heating a humidifier is required if the relative humidity may come below 40%.
  • This guarantee will only apply to the first owner and the first installation of the floor.
  • If there are stains or mechanical damage to the surface (dents, scratches, etc.) due to negligent treatment during transportation and storage and in case of damage as a result of stilettos, furniture, stones, sand, pets, etc.