These images are only a rough representation of the different types of grading, please do not believe your flooring will look exactly as the images below. Each plank of wood flooring is unique and will have its own characteristics, each grade will have boards that have similar characteristics to the other grades. As different suppliers use various grading definitions, a particular definition can be used to cover multiple grades. Always ask for samples or to see a few boards put together.



Rustic Grade – Also known as CD or country grade, you will find this grade has large unlimited knots, header cracks and cracks of which some are filled, considerable colour variation, sap wood and streaks included. This grade is full of vibrant colour and is a popular choice and can enhance your space.

14mm thick boards available in 150mm & 190mm wide planks.


Character Grade – Will give your space a vibrancy where your wood floor comes alive with, Sap wood permitted, live and filled knots up to 6cm diameter, clear colour variation between the boards and small filled splits and cracks. There is also a large difference between the grains. Perfect for your contemporary or rustic space where you want your hard wood floor to be a feature.

15mm thick boards available in 80mm, 125mm, 190mm & 220mm wide planks.
21mm thick boards available in 190mm, 220mm & 260mm wide planks.


Prime / Select Grade – Also known as AB grade, prime is our cleanest grade of wood flooring. This would generally give you the following characteristics: No large knots, only sound and inter grown knots permitted of less than 10mm in diameter, no sap wood and minor colour variation, a clean and uniform structure, perfect for your modern and contemporary look.

15mm thick boards available in 190mm & 220mm wide planks.
21mm thick boards available in 190mm 220mm wide planks.


Natural Grade – Will give you a wood floor with minor sapwood, no splits or cracks, live and filled knots up to 4 cm diameter, slight colour variations, a bit more of a lively look. You can use this grade to complement any design project where you want a very natural (straight off the tree) wood floor look. It is almost a mix between character and rustic.