Underfloor heating


Underfloor heating (UFH) is now an appealing and potentially cost-effective source of heating, hence its increased popularity within the UK market.

The type of floorcovering installation needs to be taken into consideration when designing the underfloor heating.

Insulation factors of floorcoverings will obviously affect the performance of the UFH whilst some flooring installations may be affected by high subfloor temperatures and large fluctuations in subfloor temperatures.

Underfloor heating with wood flooring


If your wood floor is being floated, then a suitable underlay that has a low tog rating and will therefore reduce thermal resistance must be used.

In addition the moisture level in the subfloor must be checked and be at an adequate level to avoid moisture rising into the floor. Prior to installation the underfloor heating system must be commissioned as per manufacturer’s recommendation, the flooring must be laid with the UFH system switched off.

A room temperature of 18 – 20 ºC should be maintained during installation of the floor and it may be necessary for an independent heat source to be used to maintain this temperature.

Engineered hardwood is designed to give stability for your flooring to expand and contract with temperature changes.   All of our Istoria engineered wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating.

Please ensure your UFH is correctly installed and working before installing your wood floor.  Our team at Jordan Andrews will be happy to chat through this process with you prior to any installations.

Finally, our floors can be glued down to a suitable subfloor or floated on an underlay, if floated please make sure the underlay is suitable for underfloor heating as regular underlay can impede the efficiency of your underfloor heating.

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Istoria Bespoke Underfloor Heating Guide