At Jordan Andrews, as well as a range of leading manufacturers’ products, we sell Istoria wooden flooring – our own brand. We do this so that we can ensure that every single one of our customers knows that their flooring is not only approved by us, but that we are responsible for it. Each flooring option is carefully selected for its unique and brilliant properties, allowing us to create a range that is suitable for every use. Our selection has been carefully assembled using our knowledge and experience to give our customers the options that they truly want. Created to form a solution for any flooring request, the Istoria range is divided into several different collections: Classic, Premium, Vintage, Premium Wide Board and Bespoke. Each of these options bears unique qualities with different grades, colour variations and textures, allowing you to find a combination option that fulfils all your needs.

In addition to reaching the standards that we hold for our own products; we can also supply Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified products which have FSC certification. The chain of custody of these products has been audited to ensure that they come from responsible sources. This certification means that you can be sure that your floor has come from well-managed forests and that you are buying something responsible as well as aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to purchase FSC flooring, please let us know and we can quote you accordingly.



This is an example of a typical day in the life of an Istoria Bespoke hardwood floor. It is brushed, buffed and cleaned before being coated in either coloured or clear UV oils, dried with special UV lamps, then the process is repeated and the floor is dry and ready to lay. Not all colours can go through the finishing line. Some colours may need to be done by hand to achieve the desired look but others can be fed through the onsite UV finishing line. Even non UV oils can run through the line if the UV lamps are turned off. This finishing line allows you to have a precision, factory finished floor with a UV hardened protective oil.