Istoria Bespoke English Oak Character

The client opted for our Istoria Bespoke English flooring, which was elegantly laid out across the living room/dining room area in narrower planks. This choice brought a sense of timeless charm to the space.

Throughout the décor, simplicity reigned supreme, with the flooring serving as the main statement piece. The texture it added to the room was clear, elevating the overall aesthetic with its natural charm. The decision to use 80mm narrow boards created a traditional look that harmonized seamlessly with the client’s vision. Each plank contributed to the room’s character, enhancing its warmth and inviting ambiance.

The Character Grade engineered oak wood flooring further enhanced the space, infusing it with subtle yet undeniable warmth. This addition complemented the clean lines and contemporary vibe, resulting in a living area that exuded both comfort and style.

Project: Residential

Floor: Istoria Bespoke English

Specification: Character Grade 15/4mm x 80mm x 1900mm